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Ronin is feeling better

We went to see the veterinarian this morning. Dr. Mulnix spent nearly an hour examining Ronin, took X-Rays, watched Ronin walk, run, jump. He found nothing permanently wrong. By the way, Ronin's hip joints are beautiful!  His stifles (knees) look really good, the patellas are all lined up. Everything is in the proper places and looks fine.  Conclusion: no problem to keep going. No reason not to train.  We should be able to go to Rapid City, South Dakota next week.

Apparently Ronin did hurt himself, but it wasn't serious. He seems to be healing. He has some Ritalin (NSAID) to ease any pain. 

So today we went to the park and had a good practice. We lowered the jumps a bit and he seemed fine doing all the exercises for Open B and Utility B classes.  He got to meet a new puppy in the park as well as watch squirrels while practicing stays. 

Yay, Ronin!
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