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Colorado Springs Kennel Club, 2009

Whew! Nice trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Wonderful venue at Phil Long Expo Center. Great Kennel Club and great AKC Judges Mrs. Joanne L. Johnson and Mr. Melvin R. Stanley.

We didn't do well at all. I was sloppy and nervous and Ronin was distracted and tired.  Weak fronts and finishes.  Short go-outs on Directed Jumping. I flunked Ronin on Directed Retrieve with a second command.  Ronin forgot "Sit" about 1,000,000 times.

I need to buckle down and take care of business and practice to effect.  I seem to have it in mind that good performances should just happen, having forgotten the good work that gave Ronin all the good UD Leg trials.

Well, I have been a little distracted; my best friend Bill passed away on May 22, and everything has been surreal--Still wanting to talk with Bill, still wanting to include Bill in plans.  It is much harder on his wife and daughter. 

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