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Sorry, Ronin

Oh, Jon! You messed up Ronin's second UDX Leg.

Ronin got 1st Place in Utility B at the second day of the Obedience Trials in Laramie, Wyoming!

Ronin did all the exercises correctly and was set to at least place in Open B. Jon started to put on his lead and Ronin "fouled the ring" (pooped). Jon had neglected to take him out and make SURE he was finished with that job. He had gone twice before, and from the look of it, had done enough for awhile. But for some reason, he just had to go then, not wait the two seconds it would have taken to leave the ring. Sigh.

Jon's fault, the guy would most likely gotten his second UDX leg and High Combined Score again.

Note to self: Walk the dog.
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