October 4th, 2009

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Third UDX Leg and vacation photos

Ronin had a wonderful time in Grand Junction. He got his 3rd UDX leg at the Grand Valley Kennel Club Dog Show and Obedience Trials. We spent the rest of the day at Colorado National Monument. Pictures from my cell phone.

<<== Looking back toward the Colorado River

<<==Ronin and Beanie in Colorado National Monument

<<== Big Rocks

<<== This is Ephedra, also known as Mormon Tea. It contains "Ephedrine" which is the natural form of "Pseudo-ephedrine" or "Sudafed" and can be used in making a common illegal drug. The folks who drink tea of this plant don't need caffeine as tea made from this makes them really speedy.

<<== Whew. Some of our dogs taking a breather with Susan. Ronin and Beanie (Cockers) in foreground. Portuguese Water dogs and a Golden Retriever.

<<== Beanie and Ronin again.

<<== Kirsten and Beanie and Ronin. Kirsten is sneaking up on a lizard on the rock behind the dogs.

<<== Ronin and Beanie.

<<== Ronin and Beanie

<<== Don't fall. Those green dots are large trees. Drop is several hundred feet.

<<== Pan to right of above.

<<== Pan further right to see Independence Mountain (that spike of rock) several hundred feet tall.

<<== Some large rock formation. Again we're looking down over 1000 feet.
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jonR, main

Ronin is hurting.

Ronin is hurting. He yelps when he pushes off jumping or running. We were at Pikes Peak Obedience Club trials (three days) in the Black Forest east of Colorado Springs this weekend.  The first day (Friday) Ronin didn't take any jumps and stumbled on the broad jump. That evening he yelped attempting to jump onto the motel bed. I pulled him from the competition on Saturday and we didn't even go on Sunday, we just came home. He is not limping, it seems to hurt when he pushes off. We're off to the veterinarian tomorrow to see what's up.

We're scheduled for a 4 day Dog Show and Obedience Trial in Rapid City, South Dakota in a couple of weeks.  I'm hoping he'll be back in shape by then.