June 25th, 2009

jonR, main


Practice, Ronin and I need to practice just to maintain a basic level. We both forget the details.

And, goodness, there are squirrels and birds to see in the park, and people and other doggies--enough distraction to work with for anyone.

Uhh, "sit?" Wait there is Troglodyte baseball-playing gerbil-spawn--Oh, What?

I try hard to remember how to get Ronin to come in for a proper close-in, straight front. Keep it consistent, work at it. Reward for good. No reward for bad. How hard can that be? I need training more than Ronin, which is the usual problem, for sure.

There will be a dearth of Obedience Trials soon, then come August there will be very many. We need to hone in to perfection, we need to do more than simply maintain. Ronin can excel, it is up to me.
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    There Ain't No Use In Me Working So Hard - Carolina Tar Heels
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