March 19th, 2009

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some pics of Beanie on her Road to UDX Title

Beanie after a hard run through Open B and Utility B (couple years ago):

Beanie practicing scent discrimination exercise (couple years ago):

Beanie going over thea bar jump practicing directed jumping (couple years ago):

Beanie doing a really long down stay (couple years ago):

All that practice paid off! Beanie gets Highest Scoring Dog in Regular Classes in Trial, Highest Combined Score in Utility B and Open B, and two First Place ribbons, and (most important of all: two Qualifying Ribbons and another leg to her UDX which she got in August 2008

jonR, main

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Live Journal really must find a better way to do this.

[Later: Ok, simply embed the pictures herein (and/or the URLs). duh! ]
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