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Bottom of the Ninth, Bases Loaded, Two Outs: Choke!

Argh! Over the weekend we were at Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Beanie turned 11 on Friday and the blizzard and cold weather got to her arthritis so she was unable to compete in Rally.

Argh, Argh! Ronin was in Utility A. Ronin forgot the "sit" command on Saturday ("What's that?"). On Sunday he was doing wonderfully. He had some points off for a bit of lagging on the signals exercise and off-center finishes. Did the first jump in the directed jumping. Whew! One jump to go to get his second leg. Jon gives sign to "mark go-to" then judge asks "Ready?" Jon responds "Ready" and Judge says "Send your dog!"

Jon takes a deep breath, makes hand signal, and then "Ronin, go-tooooo...." he squeaks.

Ronin hesitates, trots off slowly, passes jump distance, then turns and looks at Jon and automatically sits, cocks his head and looks as if saying "WTF was that?"

Judges says "Awww, NO! Call him back. So sorry."

Jon files into permanent memory: "Remember to breath! Relax! Sound normal!" :-(

No dogs in Utility A Class qualified, but Ronin came so very close!

Other than that it was a really good weekend. Beanie got a massage therapy session, Ronin met many interesting dogs and their people. The people of Scottsbluff were really friendly and the Scottsbluff Kennel Club hosted a wonderful show, despite the remnants of the blizzard the day before.

On to the next show!
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