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Ronin wins 4th Leg of UDX Title

Ronin won his Fourth Leg towards the Ten needed for his Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) Title at the Rapid City Kennel Club Dog Show and Obedience Trials in Rapid City, South Dakota. Sunday, 18 October, 2009 Ronin took Second Place in Open B and Fourth Place in Utility B and won that 4th leg. It was a tough week for dogs at the Rapid City show. The venue was really nice, the conditions better than most, the judging was great, but that was a human perspective. The dogs seemed to find the trials difficult. Was it too quiet? Too isolated? Too nice? Who knows?

Ronin had a not-so-nice second day, NQ in both Open and Utility. He sort of stared at some commands. The third day he was awake and qualified in Open but couldn't jump again in Utility. Finally he got it together on the fourth day to make the placements mentioned above.

Things we re-learned: Ronin likes slower, clear, calm, and deeper commands. Ronin likes to "exercise" (poop) a lot so we take a few breaks outside. Ronin likes to rest between classes of competition. Ronin needs to be awakened and aware before he goes in the ring. Ronin needs to know there is another side of the ring before he goes out on the directed jumping ;-) . Ronin likes warm-ups before going in the ring. Ronin loves being in the ring. Ronin is cute in the ring.

New things we learned: Photographers making kitten sounds in the next ring are really interesting and it pays to get Ronin's attention back before starting the Drop On Recall. Don't believe the GPS if it selects the "Quickest Route" back home -- check it out first or go the regular way you're used to.

Later, with some pictures:

Scratch That Itch
Scratch that itch
Ronin takes time between Directed Jumps to scratch an itch.

Front Position
Ronin in Front Position
Ronin in Front Position after a successful Directed Jump.

Scoot Into Heel Position
Scooting into Heel position
Ronin scoots into Heel Position to finish a Directed Jump.

Part of the travel group:

Shown here at The Needles in the Black Hills, South Dakota. In this photo: Jennifer Methlie, Gail Clark, Nancy McNair, Ann Chinnock, Karen Nutter, Deborah Badillo.
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